The importance of being a member

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If you work in Sweden it is very important to be a member of an unemployment insurance fund, in Sweden called a-kassa. This will give you a financial security if you become unemployed. After being a member for 12 months and fulfilling a work condition you are entitled to benefits based on your income. If you become unemployed before the 12-month period you can still apply for benefits, but will receive basic benefits which is a smaller amount.


  • Work condition - either six months of work at least 60 hours per month over the last year, or a minimum of six consecutive months with at least 420 hours of work during those months and at least 40 work hours during the past year. 
  • The amount - if you fulfill the work and membership conditions you are entitled to up to 80 percent of your previous salary, maximum 1200 SEK per day before tax. You can apply for up to five days per week. 
  • And if you don't fulfill the conditions - the basic benefit is maximum 510 SEK per day before tax. You can apply for up to five days per week. 


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