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While Google TranslateBing or DeepL are commonly used online tools for translation. They rely on you copying and pasting the content in order to translate it; which is impractical for an entire website. Therefore, to translate our website into another language we would recommend you to install an addon (often called plugin or extension) to your web browser.

Different browsers offer different translation solutions, below you can find some suggestions for the most common browsers. Most of them are free to use, some may come with a minor cost.

Google Chrome 

Google Translate

Select to Translate - Translator


Translate for Safari

Mate: Universal Tab Translator.

Microsoft Edge

Translator for Microsoft Edge


Google Translator for Firefox

To Google Translate

Keep in mind that the translation provided by automatic translations services is mechanical and has its limitations. While it may help the reader understand the general content of a text in a foreign language, correct translations can not be guaranteed. When reading the website in a language other than Swedish, you should be aware that translation errors may occur. If you are unsure, you can always contact us.